August 18, 2007

yeah, i'm bad ass..............
i am afraid of bees, but check out this photo! i got so damn close, but he was too busy doing whatever the hell bees do on flowers. b-hax will freak when he sees this pic! he's a lifetime member (as am i) of the i hate bees club.

work peeps. preety (bottom left, white shirt) is leaving for home (india.) she's been there as long as me (2 years) and i'll miss her. i taught her how to angry smoke recently and am hoping she brings the craze back to india.

the well, still creepy as hell (that rhymes!)

bee and barn

another great cleo face

i've been seeing tons of deer out by the barn when i leave for work. so i've been bringing my camera with me and getting all kinds of stalker-ish pics of deer. i am deer paparazzi!

check out the motherload of tomatoes! the one on the end had some sort of lesion so i tossed it. but a real bumper crop for sure.

i'm bad ass part 2.... i wore a skirt to work with no nylons!

fancy going away lunch for preety. i took advantage of the free refills and got a little wound up from at least 5 diet cokes i sucked down.

the current state of my desk. 3 laptops, one on a connection to a computer in india. and check out the pink chair. the guys found it in a conference room and brought it to the pit for me. it's the only pink one in the office!


Whitey said...

I betcha thing your pretty bad-ass for having three laptops... Geesh!!!

Ben said...


You are a survivor!

Ben said...

And I prefer "Drama King"!

glittermom said...

I never saw those big bees sting anyone, its usually those honey bees that sting..and those maryjane shoes are ugh and whats with that skirt? Looks like a lampshade...they got you a pink chair why not a pink lap top too...

uc freak said...

Tomatoes (E? No E??) suck.

glittergirl said...

white-ish- i have 3 laptops and 2 phones now at work! and 2 laptops at home. FEAR ME!!!

drama king- when i was taking the bee photo, i was singing that song from rocky "eye of the tiger".

us freak- you should try one of my homegrown tomatoes. i'm sure griffin on the plant a few times, which makes it magic!!!