August 20, 2007

sunday shinanegans.............

charliepants is vicious!

pencil pound cake and gus in flight
frylock and mom-arazzi

classic j-net middle finger and crabby sisters
pretty glass of water
this is a photo i have entitled, "dogs are great!!!!!!!"

another beautiful portrait of me and my boy. this one needs to be framed!
david looking up to trouble and dan with our gift to the mccoy's!

jennette making "the face" and my weird breakfast of corned beef hash and poached eggs.
(i will update my photo blog with some pics from madison and the historical society today.)


glittermom said...

Did your dogs do the grocery shopping again and leave it all on the floor?

glittermom said...

That Jennette has some real shifty eyes...

Anonymous said...

Oh, if anyone ever said I had food issues, they should have seen the look on my face when they served Glittergirl that huge plate of ol' boiled pirogies [sic], topped with a mix of cooked apples, onions, and drenched in cinnamon sauce!? OMG OMG OMG!!! Blech!!