August 27, 2007

here's my question for the day: does anyone blog about serious stuff these days? personal issues, problems, or life experience. i mean, i love the funny, and am all set to post about an awesome zombie movie we watch over the weekend, but what about the the less funny, more life-ish stuff?

i guess this question points to my own "reflective mood". i've been in touch with a long-lost friend recently, and maybe catching up on life (mine and his) has me looking at my own life.

also, i am at work in "hurry up & wait!" mode, so i have some downtime.

i realized this weekend that working under 45 hours a week has been wonderful. i don't know i spent the first 2 years here at mandatory 56 hour weeks (10 hour days mon-fri and saturdays 6 hours.) i will never do that again. it wasn't worth the money or the damage to my health.

my job is "high stress" for sure, but there are payoffs. i work with people i like. if i have problems with someone i am able to deal with it usually. and i've gotten "good for you" feedback on my work since the promotion. so working around 40 hours a week and occasional positive feedback works wonders, sad that it should be a newsflash.

this weekend i realized that i have been off anti-depressants for almost 2 years, and that besides the occasional "funk", i am happy. really happy! besides the work situation improving, i would guess that maybe a little bit of that has to do with the boyfriend.

so what am i saying? i'm in love, and it's all butterflies and rainbows? no. but life is good and i am happy. my job is not horrible. my family is healthy and we get along and have fun. i have great friends and cool dogs. i guess i wanted to say how good things are, since i mostly bitch, post funny pics or say snarky things.

now what kind of picture or video am i going to use for this post???? how about something sweet?


glittermom said...

Boy was that sappy....but nice...

Chris said...

your blog and my blog are like the ying and yang of blogs. Yours is always up-beat and wacky, and mine's always serious and depressing.

Nomy said...

I'm with Chris on this one. I want to be witty but I mainly post the real life psychosis stuff.

KermodeBear said...

Yes, that's more than half of what I put up. I don't have time to do anything else except bitch and complain. (o:

Oh, and by the way, as you commanded, I updated some stuff.