July 18, 2007

some jackass NFL player has been accused of running a pitbull fighting operation. click here to read about what investigators found and sign an online petition to have this guy suspended from the NFL. the story is another example of how disgusting humans can behave towards animals.

like this story from my pal T (click here.) another person who should know better, torturing a family pet. so, besides crying at your desk at work while eating licorice, what can you do?

  • you can be aware that this stuff happens and talk to people about it.

  • ask friends and family to sign online petitions.

  • you can donate money to volunteer groups (like friends of the kennel!)

  • you can also donate your time. (the cleveland kennel is always looking for reliable volunteers to come walk the dogs on weekends, help paint and clean, all kinds of things.)

  • you can consider adopting older animals, senior dogs & cats, or animals with health problems (blind or deaf pets that no one wants.)

  • help transport pit bulls out of cleveland (where they are banned and put to sleep) to pit bull rescue groups that work to rehabiliate the dogs whenever possible.

  • talk to family members or friends who are abusing or mistreating animals

now go sign that petition!!!!


Chris said...

More FunFacts about Mike Vick, the moral-highground-treading, upstanding citizen, all-around good guy that he is:
Yay Controversy!

glittermom said...

Wow nice guy huh...

Chris said...

I just heard on ESPN that he was involved in almost every facet of the operation, and he's looking at charges of up to 6 years in prison and a $350,000 fine. The case is in a district of Virginia which has the reported "Rocket Docket," the fastest moving federal court in the country.

glittermom said...

The money part probably doesnt bother him, but put him behind bars for a while or in a dog cage...that would be even better.