July 11, 2007

peeps & homies news........
my little sister has been updating her blog (finally) with some funny pics of all of us acting like fools. i've added a link to ginny's blog. she is the little sister of groundcat and new to blogging. like i said, she new to blogging so try and be nice! give her time to prepare for the bossy comments, cursing and insults we all enjoy. welcome to my nightmare, ginny! ha ha ha!

speaking of nightmares, glittermom has discovered a new horrible website full of creepy haunted dolls and clowns. go check her blog for some prime examples.

glittermom loves to freak her kids out with scary stuff. it reminds me of a sleepover i had in 5th grade. we sat up all night trying to conjure up mary worth, or levitate doing "light as a feather, stiff as a board..." (anyone remember that?) at some point early in the morning, she snuck up to my bedroom with a tube of red lipstick and wrote REDRUM on the closet mirror. we woke up, saw the writing and screamed. i imagine glittermom was downstairs smoking a cigarette at the kichen table, giggling to herself.

p.s. the above links to mary worth and light as a feather are totally worth checking out

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