July 12, 2007

i've been on a huge warren zevon kick lately. i discovered him in high school and liked some of his stuff, then lost interest. but he kept coming up in conversations, on tv, etc... he was close friends with david letterman and hunter s. thompson, so i figured i had to like him!

i recently started reading a book about zevon, and have been going back to the old songs i loved (reconsider me, don't let us get sick) and found some new ones. he did a cover of steve winwood's "back in the highlife" that simply wrecks me everytime i hear it.

wikipedia says it better then me:
On October 30, 2002, Zevon was featured on the Late Show with David Letterman as the only guest for the entire hour. The band played "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead" as his introduction. Zevon performed several songs and spoke at length about his illness. Zevon was a frequent guest and occasional substitute bandleader on Letterman's television shows since Late Night first aired in 1982. He noted, "I may have made a tactical error in not going to the doctor for 20 years." It was during this broadcast that Zevon first offered his oft-quoted insight on facing death: "Enjoy every sandwich." For his final song of the evening, and his final public performance, Zevon performed "Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner" at Letterman's request.


vivalarobot said...

ah, i saw that episode of letterman and (of course) it made me cry.

glittergirl said...

ah yes, little sister....we have a great love of all things sad bastard.