October 28, 2005

meet zak...

meet zak!!!!!

jcglitter2: have you seen that movie "saw"?
MrBoJengle: yes
jcglitter2: any good?
MrBoJengle: yeah
MrBoJengle: it was a good one
jcglitter2: i thought you hated horror films?
MrBoJengle: i liked the way he made people kill themselves
MrBoJengle: no no no
MrBoJengle: i hate flicks with fucken scary kids (i.e "the ring")
MrBoJengle: that's all
jcglitter2: LOL
jcglitter2: my sister hates michael myers
jcglitter2: anytime it's on tv i call and say, hey, put on channel so and so
jcglitter2: she falls for it every time
MrBoJengle: hahaha
MrBoJengle: scary dead kids
MrBoJengle: freak the FUCK out of me
jcglitter2: why do we all love torturing each other?
MrBoJengle: and i know when i have a kid
MrBoJengle: i'll be sleeping
MrBoJengle: and he/she will come in after the shower
MrBoJengle: and sit on me and just stare till i wake up
jcglitter2: wow
MrBoJengle: and i will throw that kid across the room
MrBoJengle: i know that will happen
jcglitter2: i know it will, zak....... i know it will.

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