August 10, 2016

that time i ordered shoes and got a stuffed giraffe....

Jason: Hi, my name is Jason. One moment while I review your question
Jason: No worry's Jen, let me help you with that in best possible way.
Jason: I apologize for the inconvenience caused.
Jason: May I have your first and last name, billing address and email address please?
jen hearn: it was so odd!  i was expecting black dress shoes and there was a stuffed giraffe! 
Jason: I understand Jen, I'm really sorry for that.
jen hearn: no big deal, it was funny
jen hearn: i need the shoes shipped to my home
Jason: Can you please give me two minutes while I do this for you?
jen hearn: yes
Jason: Thank you Jen.
Jason: Thank you for being online.
Jason: Hey Jen, you know what I see that you have order black.
Jason: But you are saying that you got different color, am I correct?
jen hearn: no
jen hearn: i'm saying i did not get any shoes
jen hearn: i got a stuffed giraffe
Jason: Really?
jen hearn: YES!

Jason: I'm sorry Jen, but I like those shoes.

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