August 14, 2014

The Bird Dream...

One night in NY, I was having trouble sleeping.  Because I was having trouble breathing.  I was asleep having a minor asthma attack.  And I was dreaming while it was happening.

I dreamt that someone (either god or my husband) handed me a small clear bag with a dead brown sparrow in it.  The sparrow looked peaceful in the bag and felt cold to the touch.

As I looked at the dead bird in the bag, I struggled breathing, in my dream and in real life.

Suddenly the bag with the bird in my hand started getting warmer.  My breathing (in my dream and real life) started to get easier.

The bird slowly came alive, as my breathing improved.  It gently flew out of the bag as I woke up being able to take a deep breathe.

I don't normally remember my dreams, but I'll always remember this one.


glittermom said...

funny how some dreams you never forget.

Groundcat said...

funny how God and I are indistinguishable. ;-)