October 23, 2013

yesterday's photography adventure

an old church in cleveland caught fire over the weekend.  it was so damaged the city had to tear down what was left.  i drive by on my way to work.  it's dark on the drive in, but on the drive home monday, i was amazed to see part of the building still standing.

so i made plans to leave later on tuesday, hoping the building would still be standing and that there would be some sunlight to get photos.

i was lucky to have a little sun that morning.  i crawled under a fence & crossed some yellow police tape to get the shot above.

 while i was taking pics, a group of well dressed black ladies pulled up to the church.  i asked if it was their church and they said yes.   i gave them my condolences for their loss.
 they asked if i was from the insurance company and i said no, i'm just a photographer and i thought it was beautiful & sad, the way the door was still standing. 

 i gave the lady my card, incase she wanted to see the pictures.  she walked away and i heard her explain to the other ladies,  "no, she's not with the insurance company, she's just some sort of... some sort of artist or something..."  she said it in a way of like, "she's some weirdo." and it made me giggle in my head.

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