April 13, 2013


a few posts ago i talked about wanting to get back on track with being healthy & losing weight.  i made a list of goals:

  • eat healthy 
  • no cough drops 
  • drink more water 
  • no fast food 
  • go to the gym 5 days a week 
  • cut down on the wine

last week i went to the gym 4 days.  this week i stopped eating cough drops and fast food.  i'm going to cross of some goals from that list!

i didn't do as well with going to the gym this week.  had some major life stuff going on.  but i'll go to my water aerobics today and get back to the pool & rowing machine next week.

so this monday, i will tackle a large goal: eat healthy.  this means doing the "5 day pouch test".  it's a way to get my gastric bypass stomach back to a smaller size, and a way to break the bad habit of eating too many carbs.

i can do this.  2 days of liquids only is tough, but it's just 2 days.

i have some really great stuff going on in my life, and it's time to get back to losing weight, getting stronger, feeling better.

notice that the wine is at the bottom of the list.  that will be the most difficult goal.  so i'm saving it for last.

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