April 17, 2013

keeping track, making progress...

so back to my goals: 

no cough drops- 2 weeks, going strong!

drink more water- done

eating healthy- doing it!

 no fast food- 2 weeks, this one is tough

 go to the gym 5 days a week- close but no cigar 

 cut down on the wine- not even close

2 day liquid fast- done

the hard one for me is fast food.  i just love it.  i've loved it since i was a little kid.  but it's so bad for me.  and addictive.  i have to remind myself that it's usually disappointing & gives me a stomach ache.  i've eaten enough fast food in my life that i am ok with never eating it again.

i'm proud of myself for doing the 2 day liquid fast.  i was overeating these last few months, and i need to give my body a break, let my stomach shrink down a bit.  so now i'm being super careful about following the old weight loss surgery rules.  lots of lean protein, lots of water, etc...

i'm going to the gym every other day.  i need to go more often, try new classes, etc... i'm so ready to be healthy & strong.

another thing i accomplished: i got off one of my fibromyalgia meds.  it's an anti-seizure medicine, and it causes appetite increase, memory loss, all kinds of bad things.  so i've slowly weened off the meds.

so really, i just need to stick with these rules.  and eventually cut back on the wine.  not ready to tackle that one yet.

but i'll focus on the good stuff i'm doing.


Groundcat said...

you have done such a great job! More than most! I'm here for you always.

Groundcat said...

now go fix me some dinner lady!

Mr. Mark said...

I'd say you've done a so-so job. I'm here for you some of the time. Always is kind of pushing it...

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