February 25, 2013

my locket & cancer sucks...

a friend's kid is going through chemo.  a group on facebook has been created to support the little dude and his family.  

i bought this locket necklace thing from a cool website that allows you to pick what charms and things you put into the locket.  the proceeds for the lockets and these tshirts go to the family.  plus it's a fun way to support some good people.

my locket means a lot to me.  there's a little heart with a dog paw (because if you haven't heard, i love my dogs) and an angel wing for the one's who've passed on.  an antique key because i love my weird  old home and my weird old husband.

but hey, can we all agree that F*CK CANCER!!!!

rachel's mom laverne with her locket:

team spencer

and finally:

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Groundcat said...

great job and great cause!