December 4, 2012

the gift of insomnia...

i've blogged (and complained) a lot about my lifelong struggle with insomnia.  and then my almost decade long use of ambien.  i finally stopped taking ambien in 2011.  i got a tempurpedic mattress.  and i stopped worrying so much about not sleeping.

a bad night's sleep won't kill me.  sooner or later i'll fall asleep.  so no sense in letting it run my life.

then i joined the gym.  i found that i loved swimming & deep water jogging.  exercising helped me sleep a little better.  

i rented a locker at the gym and stocked it with all my shower stuff, make-up etc... i started going to swim before work, around 6 or 7am most mornings.

i had a few rough nights of sleep, and kept waking up around 3 or 4am, and i'd try to force myself back to sleep.  it rarely worked, and if i did fall back asleep i'd wake up feeling crappy.

so i tried something new.  the next time i woke up at 3am, i just got out of bed.  i did the dishes, hung out with the dogs, and got to the gym when they opened at 5am.  i got 45 minutes of swimming and still had time to get breakfast before work.

and that changed my life.

i sleep better some nights.  and if i wake up at 3am, there's so much to do!  i get the iPad out and draw or read books.  i hang out with the dogs.  i catch up on chores.  i discover new movies.  TCM playes some really strange movies at 4am.

yesterday morning i stumbled onto a film that took my breathe away:

insomnia is a gift.


Mr. Mark said...

I've never heard of this film. It looks fantastic. Thanks for posting the trailer. I'll have to check it out.

PHIL said...

Jen, This movie looks brilliant. What a find! Now, get to sleep!

jen said...

i'm really drawn to the scenes with the kids. they are so natural, like they didn't know they were being filmed.

glittermom said...

Welcome aboard Mr Mark!!

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