December 26, 2012


I joined the gym a year ago today. It was the single most best thing I've ever done to improve my life.

I wanted to lose 50 pounds, but only lost 25. Only 25? That's something to be proud of!

Health problems plagued me this year. Stupid tumor in my dumb uterus. Then surgery to yank it all out.

Recovery from surgery has been tough. I'm having pain & swelling. I still can't wear jeans without hurting.

I was starting to give up. But that would be the single most worse decision of my life.

So it's onward & upward! 2013 is going to be good. I'm determined to go to spinning class as soon as the swelling stops. And I want to build muscle, learn to lift weights, and go on hikes with my husband & the dogs.


Groundcat said...

Congratulations! That really is a huge accomplishment and I'm very proud of you. It is helping to motivate me to become more active as well. I predict in 2014 we will have our own public-access fitness TV show.

glittermom said...

congrads...I imagine you are a little soggy by now...hahaha