November 16, 2012

another ramble...

thinking back on the last year.  i joined a gym and am still going.  i lost 25 pounds, my uterus, my job.  them i found a new job.  

the first 6 months of the year were all about learning to exercise and eat right.  losing those 25 pounds.

the next 6 months were all about dealing with health problems (stupid tumor), having major surgery, and focusing on healing and not gaining weight.  maintaining.

i'm still sometimes sore from the surgery.  i can't wear jeans without being in pain.  it's only been 3 months and this is normal.  i also get tired and can't work out as much.  so again, maintaining.

it's been 3 weeks at the new job.  i really love it.  but it's going to get hard.  now i'm testing things, having to ask a ton of questions, trying to understand a complicated SDLC process.  also trying to invent some new & (hopefully) awesome way to make QA work at this company.  i can do it.  it's a little scary and some pressure, but i like that.  

here's a link to the pics from this week's "office olympics".  what a blast!

so now, i feel like i'm at a crossroads.  i've been half-assing it at the gym and with my eating.  after surgery i needed to do that.  and i did maintain my weight.  but now it's just lame and i need to get back to losing more weight and getting healthier.  

my goal was to lose 50 pounds this year.  i won't hit that goal (due to surgery).  so my new goal is to just get under 220.  i've been at that weight for months now.  i can do this.

another goal is to see my friends and be more social.  i'm such a homebody.  i LOVE being home with dan and the dogs.  but i miss my old work friends, and my old high school friends.  i'd also like to get out for walks in the woods with dan & the dogs.  we could also use the fresh air and exercise.

ok, i need to stop rambling and get ready for work.

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