October 18, 2012

i am a lucky girl these days...

what's good about life?  here's a list:

1.  i've had fun being creative with the camera.  we went to lakeview cemetery and i took lots of photos.  

2.  the dogs are happy & healthy.  we bought a gate thing so we can take the dogs for rides.  lots of tongue happening in this pic.

3.  i got a really sweet job.  it's a great company, downtown (which i love).  i'm super excited to start on the 29th.

let's see, what else is good...

4.  i only gained 2 pounds over the 8 weeks of recovery from surgery.  i wasn't able to go to the gym and i also ate fast food quite a bit.  so now it's back to the gym and eating healthy.

5.  speaking of that, the gym opens in 15 minutes and i need to go swim!  bye!!!