September 15, 2012

post-surgery healing and various changes...

well, it's been a few weeks since i had my uterus yanked, and i'm still healing.  i have pain at times, and my stomach can swell.  it's all to be expected.  there are a lot of sutures inside, and healing takes time.

so i bought a pair of maternity pants!  this cracks me up to no end.  wearing maternity pants after having my baby-making parts removed is endless amusing to me.

i've been working from home for the last 2 weeks.  i love working from home, but 2 weeks is too much.  i found myself feeling very bored and lonely after a while.  the dogs have kept me company, but i need to see my work peeps!

speaking of work... it's not looking good.  we've had so many people resign.  there's barely anyone left. i don't see how we can fix things.  i'm beyond sad about it all.  i just have to remember that things change.  and the people i love at work while become the people i love outside of work.  more friends!

so what's good in my life?  well, fall is almost here.  my favorite time of the year.  sweater weather.  fall leaves, cool temps.  fall has always been a good time for me.  i feel like this fall will be my time.  i'll be able to finally get back to the gym, back to losing weight and getting strong.

never in my life would i have thought i'd be saying, "i miss the gym!"  but i do!

the photo at the top of this post is a pic of our "acorn bounty".  i've never seen so many acorns in my life.  are yard is full of them, and they are dropping on the house at all hours of the day and night.  the squirrels drop them, and when it's windy they rain down.  it's noisy and nerve wracking!

charlie brings one into the house every time he comes inside.  he brings one in, drops it at my feet in exchange for a treat.  i think my laughter has him thinking this is an awesome trick.  it kind of is!

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