September 19, 2012

my one political post, on why mitt romney scares me...

here's the wiki where the "dog incident" is discussed.  

here's my take after reading all the interviews with the romney's their supporters and detractors:  they seem to be lacking in remorse.  they think the dog liked being strapped to the hood of their car for a 12 hour ride.  even after the dog had diarrhea.  they just hosed off the dog & car and kept on driving.  they do not see anything wrong with this.

the dog ended up going to live with a family member because it kept running away from the romney's home.  that says a lot.

i know dogs are not the most important thing in life, or in an election.  but i believe that the way a person treats their family pet says a lot.  it says enough to me.


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