August 30, 2012

my beliefs (or lack thereof)...

a recent conversation on facebook got me thinking about my beliefs.  

i call myself an atheist, but really, i'm ignostic.  that's not a misspelling.  

here's a list of what i don't believe in:

  • god/ satan
  • heaven/ hell
  • ghosts
  • spirits
  • fate
  • psychics
  • magic
  • an afterlife
  • saints
  • serendipity
you get the picture.  so what do i actually believe?

i believe in flesh & bone, brain and heart.  i think humans are complex and flawed.  people can be petty & mean, usually out of fear.  people can also be amazing and generous.  we're all some combination of all these things.  

we're formed by genetics and heredity, as well as the way we're raised.  we're also formed by abuse & hurts we've suffered.  what makes us who we are now is how we handle the past, and the decisions we make in the present.

i believe we are born, we live, and then we die.  when we die, that's it.  all done.  so make things count while you're here.

i believe in respecting the beliefs of others.  i try to be respectful of everyone's religious and political beliefs.  i no longer want to engage in heated debates like i did when i was younger.  i have my beliefs, but i challenge them every day.  i change my mind.  i listen to others opinions and take it in.  i hope others can do the same.

in the end, i try to be kind.  that's most important to me.  then i hope i can be strong, funny, inquisitive, and open.  some days i'm a jerk.  other times i'm awesome.  and everything in between.

so, there ya have it!

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