July 4, 2012


this is a uterus.  not mine.  i snapped the pic at the doctor's office while i waited to hear my test results and course of action.

if you didn't know (and if you know me, you know) i've been having horrible problems with my "monthly lady time".  it's bad.  real bad.  so i've been through a ton of tests (not fun) and my doc has it all figured out.

and it's not cancer.  NOT CANCER is the best news ever.

but it is complicated.  a tiny little tumor (a wee 2 centimeters) is in a very bad spot, and it goes through the wall of my uterus.  so the easier options of ablation or simply removing the tumor aren't going to work.  and the monthly problems are only going to get worse.  i become more anemic each month.  i'm in more pain.  more bleeding.  you get the drift.

so it's a hysterectomy for me!

i was a little shocked that it's going to be major surgery and not a simple procedure.  the thought of being in a hospital for a few days is upsetting.  going under anesthesia is scary.  having an organ removed is serious.

but i want my life back.  no more 10 days a month of horrible cramps, not being able to do anything.  it's enough.  so this uterus needs to go.

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PHIL said...

NOT CANCER is the best news ever!

yes, surgery is serious, but you got probably the best cake i've ever seen because of it. it's even a little georgia o'keeffe-like.

i'm sending out good vibes!!