July 21, 2012


things change in life.  every moment, there is change.  in fact, the only thing constant is change.

as you can tell, i'm feeling philosophical.  

so we're losing people at work.  2 amazing developers, the best PM ever, and our now CTO.  our CTO (basically the boss of IT and VP of the company) has been our fearless leader, our champion, the guy who gets super excited to try new things.  the person who taught me that it's good to take risks, to "go big".  i didn't always agree with him, but i loved his excitement.

so now, i don't know what will happen.  my "dream job" is going to get rocky.  we're going to try and pull ourselves together, and find a new way to make things work.  

we're a start-up company, and this is life in a start-up.  things change rapidly.  things are risky.  we might fail.  or we might be a big success & my company stocks might be worth something.  who knows...

and that's the point.  no one knows.  these big changes, they always happen.  it's part of life.  i can only control my reactions, and my actions.  so my new work plan is this:

i am also going remember my motto:

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