June 18, 2012

leaving las vegas...

today we finally head home.  7 days in vegas is quite enough.  i did enjoy my time by the pool and seeing the sites with dan.

yesterday we planned on seeing freemont street at night and i was going to zipline.  but the sun doesn't set until almost 8pm and we're old.  so we got there in the daylight.

once i saw the zip line set up, i decided to skip it.  $50 to go 2 blocks above a crowd of drunks?  so thanks.  i'd rather wait and try it someone cool.

so we hit the golden nugget, gambled our last $20, and then had a great meal at a fancy steakhouse.

of course i took pics of everything.  i was most obsessed with the weird street performers, like silver dancing guy & his friends elmo & panda.

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glittermom said...

I like the big smoking cowboy...Did my purse get to Vegas?