June 22, 2012

kennel update- good news!

Gilly & Charlie say thanks!

UPDATE from Becca:   Councilman Zone left Becca a message to let her know some fantastic news. Thanks to the outcry of support and concern about the lack of air conditioning at the kennel - Safety Director Martin Flask has ordered two air conditioning units to be shipped from Columbus to the Cleveland Kennel ASAP. These will hopefully be installed by the weekend. WE MADE A DIFFERENCE, thank you! If we all work together, changes can really happen :) All it takes is positive energy, unity, and focus on productivity to make a difference!

The next step is to push the city to finally build the new kennel they've been promising for years.  We can totally make this happen.  I love Clevelanders who are passionate about making things better for these animals that deserve so much more.

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glittermom said...

Good job....