April 30, 2012

random weekend pics & prattle...

this used to hang in my grandparent's wood panelled back room.  i spent so much time in that room, playing with toys, reading books, trying to learn how to shuffle cards.  i loved being back there at sunset when the rays of sun would filter through my grandma's lilacs. 

i wore these crocs with socks to take out the trash.  i should be ashamed. 

i also had some wicked bed head going on.  again, i should be ashamed. 


pretty brindle girl... 

japanese plum wine in a tiny bottle.  weird.  a little too sweet.  but the bottle is pretty. 

these 2 are attached at the hip.  either playing or rolling around in our laundry.  it's so much fun watching them hang out. 

our new living room rug.  i love it so much.  it's a strange pattern, almost 1940's looking.  gilly blends right in!

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