April 19, 2012


today levon helm passed away.  he was the drummer for the band, and he sang, played mandolin, etc...  we saw levon play the ryman in 2010 and it was probably some of the best live music i've ever seen.  

he was battling cancer then.  he looked so frail and when he talked into the mic his voice was weak and raspy.  but then he got behind the drum kit and came alive.  he smiled big and hit the drums hard.  he became more alive with each song.  he got up and played mandolin, and even did something he called "the snake dance".  he was hilarious, and he never seemed to get tired.  and he was so thankful to each musician on stage.  he gave them props all night.  just full of so much grace. 

here's my favorite song:

(it's a cover version of a marvin gaye song, and not the most popular by the band.  but i just love his voice. he just belts it out.)  

i wouldn't have payed much attention to the band if groundcat hadn't introduced me to them.  and it was his idea to go to nashville to see him play the ryman.  i'm so glad we went.

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