February 17, 2012

don't hate country...

i'm thinking about our trip to nashville last year, and the backstage tour of the ryman theater.  i love country music.  i love the musicians who came out of west texas (towns van sant, lyle lovett, nanci griffith), and the old school loretta lynn days.  everyone says, "i like all music, except country", and i think, "you just aren't listening to the right stuff!

it might be in my blood, since my dad was born in kentucky.  one of my favorite songs as a child was hank williams' "poor old elijah".

here are random pics of the musicians who taught me to love country music:


glittermom said...

and I thought Kenny Rogers was one of your idols...hee hee

Groundcat said...

i grew-up liking Kenny's Gambler album! But, Jennifer and I completely agree on what is 'good' country music. I will add that Wayne "The Train" Hancock and Hank III are some new blood that are relying on the past for their present 'fame' but still stir up some great music.