February 24, 2012

Day Two: Nine things about yourself.

i blabber about myself all the damn time, so i'll try to think of 9 things people might not know about me.

1.  i was a really good french horn player and i wish i hadn't stopped playing

2.  i like cats and dogs equally

3.  sometimes when i swim i pretend i'm flying

4.  even as child, i didn't believe in god or santa

5.  i understand and accept death as a natural part of life

6.  farts make me giggle

7.  i am shocked, on a daily basis, that i live with a barn in my yard

8.  i built a wheelchair for my barbie doll when i was 8

9.  i am shocked, on a daily basis, that politicians want to make laws about my uterus

10.  i was outside with the dogs yesterday, and i saw 2 birds having sex in a tree.  it was one of the worst things i've ever seen or heard!  i've been wanting to tell someone that all day.

oh, that's 10.  i never was one for math!

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