February 26, 2012

Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot

1.  i wonder if the pool is crowded

2.  i wonder what it would be like to go on vacation somewhere tropical

3.  i wonder why i love to chew hall's cough drops so much

4.  i wish i never had to deal with driving or being in a car, because it's too dangerous, people are rude & on cell phones, and it's really bad to be in a car crash, and i'd like to live in walking distance of walk.

5.  i wonder if i'm doing the right thing

6.  i wish i had enough money to:

  • turn the barn into a living space
  • save all the deer running around the streets and freeways
  • or at least get the deer on birth control
  • turn the basement into an awesome music/ party space
7.  i wonder if there's a point in continuing to blog

1 comment:

Groundcat said...

RE: #7 Yes, because I love to read your posts and others do to. I just don't think they comment as much. Keep this up please!

your loving husband