January 12, 2012


i know i've been all super excited and wound up about my recent weight loss attempts. i'm constantly blabbering about how much i love swimming, and i'm actually enjoying eating better.

but i'm also "trying" to just do better in general. i want to do better at work, at home, and in life. i want to sit around less. i want to be kinder and more patient. i want to be brave enough to try new things. strong enough to admit when i'm wrong.

i don't know... i just want to make some effort to do better in every aspect of my life. i'll still make mistakes and do the wrong thing, but if i just keep trying, things can only improve.

just call me little miss sunshine!

of course when the usual PMS hits in a few days, i'll hate myself and everyone else. but one day of pure hatred and crippling sadness a month can't be all that bad.

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