November 2, 2011


well, the sad day has arrived, and griffin is no longer with us. we tried 3 different types of chemo and none worked. he went downhill fast. it was hard to take, but i'm glad he only had a few bad days and that we knew when it was time to let him go.

but let's remember the great times we had with the "old man puppy"! he was a big, shaggy, clumsy dog who thought he was a lap dog. he was full of joy. he had glorious eye brows.

ah hell, i've got 6 years of photos, blog posts, and videos. i tried to celebrated griffin every day, and i'll continue to do that with gilly and the next dog, and the next...

click here to read dan's thoughts on griff.

click here to watch a really sweet video of gilly & griffin.

click here to read the 30-odd posts i wrote about griffin, with tons of photos.

click here to watch griffin eat a stolen cucumber.

click here to watch griffin rip up a stuffed toy (while cleo watches on).

click here to read my thoughts on loving (& losing) our beloved pets.

and here's the ad that started it all... a fitting end to this post:


EP/Steve said...

I'm sorry he's gone. This is a great post though. It's awesome you saved the adoption post =)

Anonymous said...

Being allergic to animals, I have to live vicariously through friends. Thank you for sharing the videos ... I got to laugh at stolen veggies and decimated stuffed frogs, awww at two K-9 friends snuggling on the dogbed, admire and respect the story of a dog who didn't have much until he was rescued by you and Dan and shed tears at his passing.

If I could own a dog I don't think I could ask for a better shaggy browed, cucumber munching, frog ripping, Gilly snuggling companion.

Thanks for sharing!!

glittergirl said...

thanks guys. it means a lot!

i look at his adoption post and i think, "well, now we have room for another dog deserving a better life."

not now, but someday...