November 23, 2011

gilly: the only dog?

we've been debating the pros and cons of adding a 2nd dog to our home. (we started this conversation way before griffin even got sick.) we always said that we'd always be a multi-dog home.

so now it's just gilly, and... she seems ok. a little subdued at times. but she seems ok.

we did take her to a dog park on sunday, and seeing her play with other dogs was amazing. i'd forgotten how much that girl likes to play!

so we're considering a 2nd dog. a lovely little girl, close to gilly's age & temperament. we'll see how that goes. we're both prepared to welcome another dog, or to say "not right now".

here's a blog post by a dog training expert who gives reasons to keep it to one dog. it's interesting because it's good advice that you don't usually hear from "dog lovers".

here's a blog written by a dog training expert who is an expert at multi-dog households.

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