October 19, 2011

the saddest news story (the horrible things we do to animals)

i'm sitting here drinking coffee, working from home, waiting for plumbers to arrive. there is a breaking news story about a wild animal farm with animals on the loose. the owner was found dead and the the police have shot and killed at least 25 of the animals overnight.

i am sickened by the entire story. first of all, OH has the weakest laws concerning exotic animals. there are "exotic animal farms" all over OH. these should not be allowed. these animals should be left in the wild. or at least in zoos with proper care.

there have been so many stories in the news about wild animals, owned by people, who attack and maim or kill humans. in these cases, it is 100% the human owners blame that people were injured. they should not be allowed to own wild animals.

a lion should be living in africa, not in OH is some fucking cage.

so today, there are at least 25 beautiful wild animals that have been killed, all because some human thought they could cage them and own them, and profit from them.

here's an updated link to the news story. so sad...

bad news story

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