October 21, 2011


so starting this evening, i am attending a "hackathon" for work. everyone is going out to dinner after work, and the right to the shaker launch house to spend the entire weekend coding and developing (hopefully) awesome new software.

"A hackathon is an event when programmers meet to do collaborative computer programming. The spirit of a hackathon is to collaboratively build programs and applications. A hackathon refers to a specific time when many people come together to hack on what they want to, how they want to - with little to no restrictions on direction or goal of the programming."

most of our company is meeting this weekend to try and produce some amazing new technology. it feels exciting to be a part of this. if we meet our year end goals during this weekend, we will be rewarded with the entire thanksgiving week off.

so i'm working about 20 hours extra this week. i will really miss dan and the dogs. at least i get to come home and sleep in my own bed and say hello to the creatures i live with.

i still love this job. i work with amazingly talented, smart people who are also a lot of fun. i get to work from home 1-2 days a week. i have a great boss and and amazing QA team.

so no bitching. i'm going to do everything i can to make this hackathon a great experience!

go team! (hehehehehehe... i totally drank the koolaid at this job.)

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glittermom said...

Did you steal Jennettes lunch box?