October 26, 2011

good days, not so good days...

well, we're going back to the oncologist vet on friday. it seems like the 2nd chemo med isn't working. griffin isn't gaining weight and he's more tired these days.

he's really tired and out of it in the mornings (but who isn't?) when i get home from work he's pretty wild and he still plays with gilly.

we won't know anything until friday. for now we're just trying to keep a close eye on him, and to have fun whenever possible.

i made bacon today and he ate a piece. he actually almost bit my hand off trying to get to it. just like the good old rude griffin of days gone by!

p.s. gilly snuck into the kitchen later and ate an entire plate of leftover bacon cooling on the counter. if she has a stomach ache right now, i don't feel bad for her!

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glittermom said...

good for Griffin!!!! bacon!!!!