September 9, 2011

griffin... our cancer journey begins....

i wanted to give everyone some info on what's been going on with griffin. 

he's lost a lot of weight recently, and we noticed the lymph nodes in his neck were swollen.  took him to the vet on tuesday and they told us it was cancer.

it's lymphoma.  advanced.  but the vet told me about an oncologist vet in perry (just 20 minutes away) who is one of the best in the country.

i took griffin today.  they confirmed that it's advanced (stage 4) lymphoma.  but the good news is that his heart is strong, and dogs with this cancer have a really good prognosis for feeling better.

the treatment we decided on is not the most aggressive.  it's not chemo injections.  we're trying daily prednisone with a low dose chemotherapy in a pill we can give him at home.

the prednisone will make him feel better.  he'll gain weight and energy.  it will give him weeks or months of feeling good.

the low dose chemo will fight the cancer.  he could have another 6 months of good times!

the medication is only $200 a month, won't make him sicker, and so we're going to give it a try.  if he's suffering at all we'll know it's time to stop.

but for now, we're going to see how this goes.  a few more months of good times, playing with gilly and being spoiled, that's something to be happy about.

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