December 2, 2010

good old fashioned random...

christmas is fast approaching. i don't really like this holiday, being an atheist and all.  but i do like the glittery pointsettas at the grocery store!

 i made a "wish list" on for dan's family gift exchange.  besides the pink toaster ($187) that i added as a joke, this is clearly the list of an old person:

speaking of "old fashioned", one of my current obsessions is to become a mixologist.  (a mixologist is bartender or other person who specializes in the creation of cocktail recipes. the term usually implies special expertise and professionalism.)  i'm a wanna be bartender NERD!  i keep buying weird supplies like angostura bitters and am currently trying to find maraschino cherry liquor.  i will some day be able to make an old fashioned. a betsy ross, and a harvey wallbanger.  hehehehehe... (now if only my husband would switch from beer to liquor, i'd have someone to make these drinks for!)

my favorite old timey drink is the gin rickey.  it has to be made with really fizzy seltzer water, a whole fresh lime, and an ounce of bombay sapphire gin.  and a ton of ice.  yum!  although not the best cold weather drink.  maybe i can just wear gloves?

a very bad influence on my mixology obession is rachel maddow.  she's a political commentor on MSNBC, totally liberal, lesbian, and very funny.  she also loves to play bartender and i spent quite a bit of time watching videos of her mixing drinks.  i love her!  (does this make me an alcoholic lesbian?  perhaps...) here's a great article on this classy broad!

another obsession- the new crazy "dali" filter on the hipstamtic photo app on the iphone.  totally surreal!

and finally....
no blog post is complete without pics of the dogs & the husband.  so there ya go!!!

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