September 2, 2010

i got the arthritis...

Listed below are OLD-HOME-FOLK REMEDIES that have been tried by various people for treating arthritis in general and rheumatism. I'm gonna try the ones that include alcoholic beverages!

- Mrs. G. had arthritis for years until she found relief taking alfalfa tea twice a day.

- Mrs. B. found soaking 9 raisins in a bowl of gin & eating them throughout the day helped.

- Another lady found relief by gently exercising the afflicted joints in tub full of hot water.

- After learning self-control and how to avoid emotional upsets, Mrs. L. found that her pain had greatly lessened.

- Mrs. J.G. was greatly relieved when she eliminated sugar,white flour, macaroni, pie, cake, and sweet drinks from her diet.

- Mrs. H.B. prepared a drink which helped her and consisted of four raw finely sliced beets soaked in a quart of berry wine for one day. She drinks one small glass before meals, three times a day.

- Mrs. G. W. recommends dissolving 4 teaspoons of blackstrap molasses in one quart of cranberry juice and drinking one glass everyday. She also says 100 aspirins dissolved in a pint of rubbing alcohol will relieve sore joints when rubbed on three times a day.

- Mrs. P. takes equal parts of epsom salts, cream of tartar and ground rhubarb root, mixes, fills gelatin capsules, and takes one after each meal.

- Mrs. E.M. says two parts pure olive oil and one part kerosene makes a wonderful liniment to bathe afflicted joints. (and i bet you smell great!)

- Add one tablespoon cod liver oil to the juice of one orange, whip and drink before retiring.

- Another says rub the aching joints with hot vinegar before going to bed.

- Steep six ounces of sassafras root in fifth of whiskey for 24 hours. Take one tablespoon three times a day before meals.

- Steep 1 cup alfalfa seed in 1/2 gallon boiling water for 20 minutes. Strain, put in jar, take small glassful three times a day.

- Mix camphor, methyl salicylate. eucalyptus oil and menthol to make a rubbing mixture for aches and pains.

- Mrs. T. wraps afflicted joints loosely with thin plastic for relief.  (a real fashion statement)

- Mrs. A's hands are better after she started drinking sarsaparilla tea.

- Mrs. O. got relief by taking Butazoldin tablets.  (do you think walgeen's carries butazoldin?)

- Mrs. M.B. says 1 oz. of oil of wintergreen, 3 oz. chloroform, and 12 oz. of rubbing alcohol makes a good rub.  (chloroform?  isn't that the stuff serial killers use to knock people out?)

- Mrs. L.N. says cucumber juice controlled her arthritis.

- A Canadian says to mix equal parts of the following herbs: black cohosh, genitian root, angelica, colombo, scull cap, valerian, rue and buckthorn bark, and take one heaping teaspoon in a cup of boiling water. Let steep, and drink three 1/2 cups per day.  (should i trust advice from a canadian?)

- Drink plenty of water to keep the body clean. Keep an optimistic outlook. Avoid depressive thoughts and nervous tension. A healthy body and mind resist diseases.

- Sunshine, sunbaths, and deep breathing of fresh air are very important.

I'm gonna start with the gin & raisins treatment. 


glittermom said...

of course you are...You do know gin taste like pine needles...

glittermom said...

remember you eat the raisins not drink the gin...

rachel said...

my parents soak the golden raisins in Gin... do it, do it.