September 21, 2010

60 things i have done....

for some reason, i've been looking back at my life & remembering odd moments and events.  maybe it's part of turning 40, or the gray hair i'm seeing more & more of.  anyways, here's a random list of some stuff i've done...

  1. owned a horse (junior high)
  2. attended a lesbian prom (with my best friend in 1992)
  3. marched with an estimated 1/2 million people in DC for a pro choice rally (early 90's)
  4. tried to organize a union (when i was a social worker in 1993)
  5. held a 50 pound boa constrictor around my neck & had my photo taken for the local paper (1979)
  6. had weightloss surgery & lost 150 pounds (2001)
  7. gained 1/2 the weight back and did an interview on the news about it (2007)
  8. went to lucky cheng's (drag queen waitress restaurant) in NYC (2000)
  9. went to a drag show in west virginia (1989)
  10. helped a friend recover from a sex change operation (1996)
  11. lost a friend to AIDS (1992)
  12. watched a friend live with HIV (ongoing!)
  13. applied to be hunter s. thompson's assistant (1989)
  14. failed college remedial math, twice (1989 & 1990)
  15. diagnosed as math phobic (1991)
  16. dropped out of college (1991)
  17. attended a wiccan witch coven meeting (1993)
  18. gave a dying man CPR, and he didn't make it (2002)
  19. broke my arm after tripping over a rock (1980)
  20. sprain my back after moving a carload of stuff to columbus (1991)
  21. got a black eye & concussion showing my grandpa my fancy bike riding skills (1975)
  22. cut my foot open on a broke bottle,10 stitches (1984)
  23. broke my toe so badly it had to be reset (1996)
  24. cut my thumb open on a can of deviled chicken (1996)
  25. got in a car wreck with my dog (he survived, the car did not) (1995)
  26. broke my ankle (open fracture) in the driveway, surgery & 7 days in the hospital (1998)
  27. won the lottery ($20) (1974)
  28. saw the grateful dead in 1994, a year before jerry garcia died
  29. had a poem published in a "zine" (1993)
  30. watched my dad race his car (1974)
  31. watched my dad run a marathon after open heart surgery (1983)
  32. was evacuated from downtown cleveland (9/11/01)
  33. recorded a song (bloody mary!) that was sold online and got good reviews (2001)
  34. was baptized catholic, got first communion & confirmation (all in 1983)
  35. represented yugoslavia in the "model UN"  (1987)
  36. planned a trip to yugoslavia with a friend of my dad's (1987)
  37. cancelled the trip when it became too dangerous (1987)
  38. climbed onto a rooftop in NYC to see the skyline (2000)
  39. drove 15 hours to attend a 5 day music festival, left after 1 day
  40. saw a man dead on the road (hit by ricky skaggs' tour bus) leaving the festival
  41. lived in KY (1976)
  42. bought my first musical instrument (organ) at a yard sale (1979)
  43. offered a chance to audition on french horn at julliard (1988)
  44. went to OSU to major in politcal science (1988)
  45. won a fleetwood mac album from a radio station, 8 yrs old, pretended to be 18 (1978)
  46. talked to comedian doug stanhope (on myspace) about drugs, politics & abortion (2006)
  47. removed
  48. registered as a democrat and voted for jesse jackson (1988)
  49. flunked high school english because i hated the teacher (1987)
  50. switched my major to english at OSU (1991)
  51. registered as a libertarian and gave up on voting (2006)
  52. was sued by a corrupt landlord & lost (1989)
  53. filed bankruptcy (1999)
  54. appeared on the sunday news with my dog dixie dressed in a pink dress
  55. won a chili cook off (2009)
  56. became a vegetarian for 6 months (1996)
  57. started this blog (2005)
  58. met dan on (2006)
  59. married dan in vegas (2008)
  60. blabber on about my life in a list format (2010)


six said...

What was #47 and why was it removed?

glittergirl said...

#47. i killed a man in reno, just to watch him die.

six said...

#61. You told a little white lie or two. (1986-2010)

Mark J. Stupi said...

There was one glaring omission. You basked in the glow of Mark J. Stupi's luster.

glittergirl said...

#62. I've know a lot of awesome and ridiculous people!