July 13, 2010

cool pic

 this is the best pic i've taken on my iphone using hipstamatic.  i just thinks it's beautiful and strange.

my lovely office mate shalini let me take the pics.  she did the henna designs herself.  we had fun trying to get a good picture in our tiny coat closet/ office.


glittergirl said...

things my office mate has told me today:

when they were kids, they'd steal fruit from the neighbor and swore it always tasted better. stolen fruit tastes the best.

the used to catch scorpions and tie their tails together. the black scorpions are no big deal, they are like a big ant. the red scorpions are the ones to avoid.

jnet said...

the first one, of just her hand is the best. i love it!!!

glittergirl said...

i'm glad you love it, because i am obsessed with it!