June 23, 2010

bloody mary!!!

i am completely obsessed with tomato juice.  i used to hate it!  then i woke up one day (on vacation in nashville) and thought, "i'd like to try some bloody mary mix on the plane ride home."  weird.

i love the spicy stuff.  a good bloody mary needs to be ice cold, with some ground pepper, tons of ice, and green olives instead of celery.  and only a splash of a top shelf vodka.

a "virgin" bloody mary is my new favorite lunch.  i like to call it that instead of saying,  "i'm having tomato juice."

the next step is probably clamato... i think i owe someone an apology!

here's my old hit song...

1 comment:

glittermom said...

You need to be drinking a really big one to really ejoy this video....