April 27, 2010

old school random....

 1.  i hate bees.

2.  i saw the most horrible movie when i was getting my nails done last week.  if you can get through this paragraph description from wiki, you'll have the same headache i did after watching the damned movie!

Whittier arrives at the fictional California State College hoping to join the national champion varsity cheerleading team. She meets up with her friend from cheerleading camp, Monica, and they're both impressive at the tryouts. Head cheerleader Tina is ready to ask them to join the team, but Dean Sebastian goes a step further, telling Tina that Whittier will be the next head cheerleader. This angers Tina's pal Marni, who had the position staked out, but Tina goes along with the plan, taking Whittier under her wing. Whittier meets Derek, a campus deejay who immediately takes a shine to her. But Tina is very demanding and controlling. She warns Whittier that Derek is not the type of boy she should be dating. Monica is bothered by Tina's meddling, but Whittier momentarily lets her cheerleading ambition get the better of her, and breaks it off with Derek. Then Tina, upset with Monica's sassy attitude, forces Whittier to choose between her friendship and the squad. Whittier and Monica get fed up and quit the team, but Whittier's school spirit cannot be suppressed. With Monica's help, she gathers up the outcasts from the drama club, the dance club, and other groups that have lost their funding and forms a ragtag squad of her own, determined to battle the varsity squad for a spot at the national championship

3.  here's a venn diagram showing the differences between a nerd, geek, etc... (i think i'm more of a weirdo then a geek or nerd)

4.  i really want to catch an episode of isabella rossellini's "green porn" series. it sounds delightful

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