April 25, 2010

nashville trip diary- part 3 (the rest of it)

a totally undoctored pic of us at a restaurant

pretty guitar at the country music hall of fame

another undoctored pic of us

i love weird old record stores!

and i love guitars that say "bacon" on them!

we saw a dog that reminded us of griffin.  his owner had just given him a mohawk.

this pic is from lower broadway and sort of sums up the whole area

no, i think this pic sums it up nicely... yes, we had a good time and saw some cool stuff, and we heard some amazing music.  great vacation!

and now i am happy to be home with my "man cuff" wearing husband, crazy dogs, dirty laundry & the rest of it.  yes, happy to be home....

1 comment:

glittermom said...

you could probably make another pair of jeans out of those cuffs! or at least a mini skirt..