April 25, 2010

nashville trip diary- part 1 (plane & hotel)

am i the only person who takes photos out the airplane window?  i hate flying, and the trip to nashville involved 3 airports and 2 planes.  at least dan gave me the window seat so i could take pics.

we stayed at the union station hotel.  fancy pants.  but a bit disconcerting as well.  the room was small with super high ceilings and a wall of windows facing the lobby.  i felt very short in this room.  shorter then usual.

the lobby was so beautiful.  every time i walked in i was once again shocked at how stunning it all was.

there were so many little nooks in the hotel, little corners with settings like this.  the furniture seemed well worn, in a good way.

did i tell you that the ceiling was high?

the best part of the hotel was the stained glass.  i tried to get photos but i don't think i did it justice.

this makes me want to take another stained glass class someday. 

the hotel had a fancy restuarant (we had breakfast there once) and a great little martini bar.  the "people watching" was good.  lots of people in town for bon jovi, the marathon, etc... the bartender was a chatty older lady who made a great pink martini & told us all about the mexican jewlery she was wearing.  we met an older gentleman (a doctor of some kind) who recommended a great pizza place for us to try.

and room service was good.  i LOVE room service!

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