March 5, 2010


well, i had a little medical "scare".  i found a small lump on my jaw, and worried it might be something "serious", like the "C word".  Went to the doc and found out after much poking and prodding that it's just sialolithiasis.  after her intial concern, my doctor was delighted to tell me to "go suck a lemon".

so basically it's like a kidney stone, but in my saliva glands, and i'm eating sour patch candy and lemon heads.  yuk.  why couldn't the cure me mentos???

seriously though, i feel lucky that it turned out to be something simple.  next time i bitch about traffic or my job, i need to remember how it felt when i googled "small lump on jaw bone" and saw all the serious things it could have been.

ok, off to suck a lemon!

1 comment:

Groundcat said...

ha! i didn't notice the modified picture at first. you are a lemonhead!