February 2, 2010

random, sweaters, puppy, old dog, lady gaga, etc.....

i can't stop messing with my blog template. it's an obsession. i found some great templates (thanks andrew!) but can't decide on one. maybe i'll finally learn html and make my own from scratch someday... for now it's pink & sparkley.

i loved lady gaga's red carpet dress at the grammy's.  and the hair too.  really, it was weird but cool.

one of our cable tv movie channels has been showing some odd films.  "john & mary" looks interesting (it's taped.)  "a perfect couple" in a robert altman film, one of his worst.  it's dated & boring and the music is terrible.  of course i watched it, out of morbid curiousity. 

the guy at work who wears "bill cosby 80's sweaters" is wearing quite a doozy today. 

gilly puppy class update:  she's doing great!  she had her 2nd "puppy kindergarten" class last night.  the trainer called her a "wild child" but said that she's just playful & full of energy.  gilly is respectful to the other dogs and if they don't want to play eventually leaves them alone.  she's not that interested in treats and would rather play, so it's hard to get her to focus on training sometimes in class. but when you can get her attention, she picks things up fast!  dan is better with teaching her new commands.  (i get nervous and am a bit uncoordinated.)

she's just so much fun, sometimes annoying and a lot of work, but i'm so happy we got her.  she really brings us a lot of joy.  she's funny and just interesting as hell.  i love watching her grow up.  her latest trick at home: climbing underneath the nook and hiding.

griffin update:  he's awesome as ever!!!!

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