December 2, 2009

totally random crap.....mostly stolen from pajiba...

this pic cracks me up. i think being sarcastic & ironic might be the best way to deal with the zealots.

this website has a series of photos of actors posed in their iconic roles. these 2 were my favorites:

i'm not a big mel gibson fan, but this photo is striking. and of course i love seeing SOTLs recreated.

over the thanksgiving weekend we watched a ton of documentaries on the ovation channel. they had a marathon of films about photographers. the film about sally mann ("what remains") blew me away. i've loved her work for years, but seeing how she lives, her family, and the way she gets the photos, was just amazing.

the other documentary that moved me was the one about shelby lee adams, who has been photographing Appalachian people for decades. the film about his work ("the true meaning of pictures") was really interesting in the debate about what is exploitative and what is "art.

go look up their work, pronto!

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