December 18, 2009

the suzuki q chord (omnichord) cult...

i got the most amazing early xmas gift from the husband last night! an omnichord (now known as a suzuki q chord.) i don't have my own photos to post of it yet, so i'll grab some from the internet.

there's a real "cult" around this instrument. david bowie plays one. apparently a lot of old people like them, and they are popular with church groups.

as someone described it on "Think of the Q-Chord as a digital autoharp that never goes out of tune, plays 84 chords instead of 21, includes a built drum machine and has a midi output pickup, and you will be pretty close to the mark."

i was able to take it out of the box and play some really weird music within minutes. expect lots of youtube videos featuring this instrument shortly!!!


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glittermom said...

as an official oldster(soon to be 40) you can play at your next church get together...but can you actually play it?