December 29, 2009

random tuesday crabbish...

dog updates: griffin loves the damn snow. gilly hates snow plows. she didn't bark, jump on griffin, or steal anything yesterday after being frightened by one of these monsters. maybe that's why grififn likes the snow...

tom waits stuff: here's an interesting interview with tom waits. he's in the new terry gilliam movie playing the devil. i can't wait to see it. in this interview he talks about explaining to his mom why he's playing the devil.

i've been saying it for years. people, enough with the lysol and hand sanitizer!!! here's the study that says i'm right and everyone else is wrong. also, stop running to the doctor for antibiotics if you just have a virus. and if you get the damned pills, take the whole amount as directed!!!

things i've looked up on wikipedia today: white noise, brown note, merkin & raymond carver.

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