December 23, 2009

my festivus traditions....

today (december 23rd) is officially festivus. i'm not a big fan of christmas, and over the years have developed my own "traditions". here's a list of some of these traditions, as well as a few i am incorporating this year!

1. on the day of festivus, i will post funny photos of monkeys on my blog. so it shall be!
2. prior to the holiday season, my husband and i will agree to not exchange gifts
3. my husband and i will eventually go back on this agreement and secretly buy each other gifts. (sometimes "drunk or insomnia online shopping" will be the cause)
4. we will not wait until the holiday to give these gifts. the packages will arrive in the mail, and we will hastily wrap the items in a bath towel or sweatshirt and excitedly shove the gifts into the person's lap. there will be much giggling and clapping of hands. (yeah presents!)
5. on the 2nd day after festivus (otherwise known as xmas eve) will will go to my mother's for dinner and an "airing of grievences" (although this can also occur at any family gathering!)
6. this xmas eve will include a slidehow of family photos from the 70's accompanied by omnichord music and beer!
7. festivus decorations: a pink xmas tree decorated with mcdonald's happy meal toys
ok, that's all. happy festivus for the rest of us!!!!

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glittermom said...

I like the idea of festivis being on the 23rd..that way you get the holidays over before everyone else..then its smooth sailing till new years and the kraut...